The Psychology of Visual Marketing in Social Media

It’s not that the picture talks more than your mother-in-law, but that it instigates triggers inside of your brain that communicates to the essential parts causing you to connect in a way that words would never be able to.

1. Visual Perception: Understanding what image you should use is important because you want to be able to play off of past experiences in the reader. Get the image too generic, and there won’t be any connection, go too drastic, and you will possibly trigger a bad memory in the brain. On that note, being drastic can also cause you to reap great rewards, because you could hit an emotional cord in the reader, making them remember something good in their past experience with an event in their life.

2. Why the picture is worth so many words: There is a role that emotion plays with memory, and it’s important to bring some of this out when you’re picking your image. The idea behind the picture is worth a thousand words is connected to the emotional side of the brain.

3. How to Choose the Right Image: One of the reasons people respond to images is that it affects them on a specific personal or emotional level. That is why it’s so important to entertain your target market on social media. Make sure your image is sharing relevance to what your article is about on social media.

4. Visual Communication and It’s Power: The image is speaking to the brain. It is a communication process that must always be marketed. Since 90% of the brain is visual communication, you should never underestimate the power that it has on your target market.

Remember to be mindful when posting your social media image because not everyone will respond in the same manner.

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