WhatsApp Tests New Limits On Message And Media Forwarding

To continue making its app safer for its users, WhatsApp is tweaking and testing new limits on its forwarding feature.

As part of its commitment to users safety, WhatsApp announced last week that it would begin labeling forwarded messages so that users know whether the sender wrote something or simply forwarded it. The feature keeps WhatsApp a more “private messaging app” while also a reliable way to communicate with others.

Now, WhatsApp is tweaking its forwarding feature it launched several years ago, to continue in this vein. The feature that allows users to forward messages to multiple users at a time will now be limited. In its announcement for the test, WhatsApp also explains that users in India – “where people forward more messages, photos, and videos than any other country in the world” will get a lower limit of “5 chats at once.”

Furthermore, WhatsApp will now also be removing the quick forward button next to media messages. The company said that it would continue to evaluate the changes, but we all know that if they end up making WhatsApp safer for its users, they will remain.

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