Social Media Branding Strategies for Business

Social media has played a vital role in building influence. It has allowed businesses to gain client trust, established credibility, and quickly present their products or services.
In fact, social media is an excellent starting point for most businesses to reach their target audience.
Here I would like to share with you how to build an authentic, reliable brand on social media and to set your brand apart from the massive competition.


Find the right social media platform for your business

Choosing the right network can sometimes be a struggle. Posting to your business account can feel like a pain in your side, especially when you’re not attracting your target audience. So what to do is find out where your target audience is and open an account there.
For instance, if you’re a lifestyle blogger, Tumblr might be perfect for you. But, if your a construction company it will be better to open a page on LinkedIn or any B2B network.

Visuals are important

Make sure each of your profile looks like their own by the same company. You want your branding to be consistent across all channels. You want people to recognize your company no matter where you are online immediately.
Below is an example that GROW by June Collie did:

BHGRE MCR Bahamas Group Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Your brand personality

Your brand personality should reflect your social media post.
Know your company culture, connect with your audience and whatever your social media voice develops into making sure it’s authentic to your brand.
According to ‘Sprout Social,’ 86% of consumers want honest. Everyone deserves a brand that we can trust.
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.53.34 PM.png

Create a content calendar and post frequently

When posting content pick topics that are closely related to your industry. Don’t always try to sell your product or service, but educate people. Help folks understand that your products or service is something that can make their lives easier. No one wants to see a bunch of ads all the time.
Don’t forget to post regularly; it helps with brand awareness.

Connect with your audience

Engage in conversations, answer questions, address criticism. Connecting with your audience allows you to understand their needs and wants. Take all critique as a learning opportunity.


Define your target audience

Target entirely different kinds of people across social networks, especially when it comes to ads. Remember, broader audience means more leads and sales.

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