Pinterest has this week published a new listing of rising trends which are likely to gain even more traction in the year ahead.

Called the ‘Pinterest 100‘, the list, which has its own, dedicated mini-site, covers ten key categories, which Pinterest has identified based on search and general usage trends throughout the year.

As explained by Pinterest:

“When Pinners are looking for new ideas, they come to Pinterest first. It’s where they get inspiration, dream about new possibilities and plan for what matters most. And every time someone searches on Pinterest, they’re thinking about what they want to try next. Multiply that behavior by the more than 320 million people using Pinterest all over the world, and you get unique insight into emerging trends.”

The full report covers a range of interesting insights to consider in your planning, with each element broken down into a highly visual summary.

Pinterest 100 example

As noted, Pinterest has separated the trends into ten key categories – those categories are:

  • Responsible Travel – Environmentally conscious travel tips
  • Internationally Inspired – Region-specific design and art inspiration
  • Beyond Binary – Products moving beyond gendered labels
  • Space Everything – Space travel and related themes
  • Re-wilding – Outdoor adventure
  • Finding Balance – Self-care tips and products
  • Pampered Pets – Advanced pet care
  • Home Hub – Home, and home office, improvement tips and devices
  • 90s Re-Run – 90s inspired fashion
  • Conscious Consumption – Sustainable living tips and tools
Pinterest 100

It’s interesting to note these rising areas of interest, and what they could mean for your digital marketing approach in the year ahead. Do any of your products tie into these trends? Could they? If there’s a fit, it may well be worth trying out marketing approaches based on these elements, as they’re on the rise, and could help you gain more traction, particularly on Pinterest.

The full report is definitely worth a look, with specific regional insights along with the broader trend tips.

Or, if you just want the data, Pinterest has also published a PDF of the actual search increases for each specific element.

Pinterest 100

Even if you don’t plan on using Pinterest, there’s some really interesting data here.

You can check out the full Pinterest 100 report here.