Facebook Publishes New Listing of Key Trends Set to Gain Momentum in 2020

Facebook has published a new overview of key topics and trends which it expects to see generate more discussion and interest as we head into the start of the next decade.

The listing, which Facebook has compiled into a new, 30-page eBook, is based on examination of on-platform conversation shifts over the last two years, and now covers global trends, as opposed to only US usage:

“In our previous reports, we’ve featured trends from the US. Now, in our third year, we’ve expanded our view to include trends from four regions – Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America – and 14 countries within them. Our new global view allows us to highlight the diversity of people and ideas on our platform and to look at trends in a new way. “

Essentially, the report is an expanded, refined version of Facebook’s monthly ‘Hot Topics’ and ‘Topics to Watch‘ reports, which previous research has shown can be highly accurate in predicting shifts that go on to become significant trends.

And definitely, Facebook’s “2020 Topics and Trends Report” is worth a look. This time around, the report is split into regions, with specific trend notes for each location.

Facebook 2020 Trends

This, essentially, presents topic highlights from specific nations, providing a more in-depth look at the relevant trends, and assistance to those in different regions.

Each trend also has a popularity chart for each key topic within it, which looks at the relative conversation growth over two years, along with an indicator of who, in demographic terms, is discussing each.

Facebook Trends 2020 report

There’s a lot of interesting data to note – many niche topics, for sure, but a heap of insight which could help to fuel your strategic planning. And even if it doesn’t inform your strategy, it’s still worth noting the relative conversation trends on Facebook, and seeing what’s gaining momentum over time.

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